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Why Cash Divider

Cash Divider is a money management app that helps you manage your personal finance offering an overview of your money by means of accounts and percentage distribution.

Do you struggle every month by overspending money on things that don`t matter?

There is a saying that if you put 10% from all of your finances (income/salary) that comes into your hand into separate accounts by their means, you can have a better life. (For example: 10% for investment and growing your capital, 10% for play and have fun, 10% for education and learning, 10% for donation and charity). For every account think about it as a fountain or a piggy bank and you add coins to it, after a while you will notice that you have more money than expected.

Description of the app

Within the app you can have multiple virtual accounts where you can add funds on the go. The accounts will need to have their percentage distribution from 1 - 100%.

By adding any funds that comes into your hand the app will distribute it in every account by its default distribution percentage (Note: that you can change the default distribution by its easily edit percentage distribution feature).

When you have an expense you can choose from which account to take out.

Amazing Features

Cash Divider features and more

Material Design

Packed with the latest Android design guidelines.

**Unlimited no. accounts

Easily adding and editing your accounts. Edit distribution percentage. Edit account balance. Offline access. Transaction history.

Negative balance

If you take out more money, your account will display negative values.

Edit currency

Change account currencies (supports all type of currencies).

Multiple colors

Adding more life to the app by changing the colors of your accounts.

Future Features

Chart history overview, Password protection, Cloud backup, Multi-language support.


A list of screenshots about the Cash Divider application with some of the features.

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